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Holy Bible Desktop

Holy Bible Desktop by Christian Central Network is free offline Bible software. An unparalleled Bible study experience is provided by this all-in-one Bible software program. By combining authenticity, user-friendliness, and a wide range of features, Holy Bible Desktop aims to bring people closer to the Word of God. It is also protected from AI manipulation due to the fact that all of its APIs are sourced offline. Regardless of geography or technological limitations, we aim to make the Bible accessible to everyone.
Holy Bible Desktop
Holy Bible Desktop Lite for Windows released!

Holy Bible Desktop Lite

Holy Bible Desktop Lite – Early Access Beta for Windows OS
Version: hbdl_eab_0.11
Released: September 4, 2023
Key Features:
📌 Main KJV Bible Program with powerful search and color themes access
📌 8 English versions and 26 Bible translations
📌 CCN Topical Bible
📌 CCN Bible Concordance
📌 CCN Subject Index Bible
📌 CCN Bible Dictionary
📌 CCN Parallel Bible
📌 Bible Commentary by Matthew Henry
📌 CCN Bible Trivia
📌 CCN Visual Bible
📌 MP3 Bible
📌 Strong’s Hebrew
📌 Strong’s Greek
📌 CCN Random Bible Verse Generator
📌 Speed Notes app for note taking
📌 CCN Bible Quiz
📌 Bible Word Counter
📌 Save to Text, Text to Voice and Bookmarking capabilities
📌 CCN Bible Course Tracker (Future feature update)

Disclaimer: This program is still in Early Access Beta. As such you may encounter bugs, errors or some missing features while using the program. Kindly inform us of any bugs or errors you may encounter while using this free software.

It is recommended that you have an archiving program e.g. WinRAR, WinZIP, 7Zip, or PeaZip to extract the setup installer for Windows.

This software is specifically made for Windows. It should work with Windows 10, 11, 7 and Vista. It is untested with Windows XP and earlier versions.
Current Bible Versions:
➤ “KJV”, “NET”, “WEB”, “BBE”, “YLT”, “ASV”, “Tyndale”, “KJV_Strongs”
➤ “Tagalog”, “Korean”, “Japanese”, “Chinese”, “Hebrew”, “Greek”, “Spanish”, “Arabic”, “African”, “Thai”, “German”, “Portuguese”, “Hindi”, “French”, “Viet”, “Czech”, “Dutch”, “Hungarian”, “Indonesian”, “Italian”, “Maori”, “Persian”, “Polish”, “Romanian”, “Russian”, “Turkish”
➤ NOTE: “BBE” and “YLT” will be included in the coming hbdl_eab_0.22 update.
Publisher: Christian Central Network
Developer: TeraBlitz Geeks
Support: givesendgo.com/holybibledesktop

1. Download and Install Python:
📌 Install the Python 3.11.5 DOWNLOAD 🔹

2. Download and Install python_modules.bat
📌 Download, unzip and install Python dependencies needed DOWNLOAD 🔹
📌 You must execute the python_modules.bat file to install the python dependencies. Extract the bat file from the zip archive by using archiving programs like WinZIP, WinRAR, PeaZip or 7Zip.

3. Download and Install Holy Bible Desktop
📌 Click red download link at the top.

Installation Instructions:
📌 You must download and install Python 3.11.5 version as well as python_modules.bat to make the Holy Bible Desktop Lite work as intended.
📌 python_modules.bat is a command line installer for the modules needed by Python to make the app work correctly. You must unzip the bat file and execute it to install the python modules.
📌 Lastly, you can install Holy Bible Desktop Lite once python and python_modules.bat are installed.
Note: To satisfy software prerequisites, install “Python” and the “python_modules.bat” file first before installing the Holy Bible Desktop Lite setup file. The installation links can be found on the left side in the “Requirements”. Following that, you can proceed with installing Holy Bible Desktop Lite. Enjoy!

Holy Bible Desktop Lite SHA-256: 4165bbb94810659f5817dbcef7e6b17b6b297213b50bd23e61c63d3c9e0463de

Dependency python_modules.bat SHA-256: 05589431b67a62c0011c2bc08de12bb772181050454bb40754f92e386875b194

Holy Bible Desktop Lite
Holy Bible Desktop Lite
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Latest Updates:
Holy Bible Desktop Lite for Windows released!

Holy Bible Desktop Lite for Windows released!

Holy Bible Desktop Lite for Windows released! Our team is delighted to announce the release of Holy Bible Desktop Lite by Christian Central Network, a groundbreaking and entirely free offline Bible software that will revolutionize your scripture read
Holy Bible Desktop unveiled: The free Bible that AI cannot control

Holy Bible Desktop unveiled: The free Bible that AI cannot control

Holy Bible Desktop unveiled: The free Bible that AI cannot control. We are thrilled to announce the coming launch of Holy Bible Desktop, a totally free program designed to revolutionize your Bible study experience, set to be released this August 2
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