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Gary Valenciano – Could You Be Messiah – Lyrics

“Could You Be Messiah”

Could You be healer
To a heart that’s been wounded
In a battle that’s never seen

Could You be teacher
To a mind of confusion
Tell me what does this all mean

Are You deliverer
Of an imprisoned feeling in chains
Can You set my spirit free

And just one more question
Allow me this question
Could You be Messiah to me (2x)

Could You be father
To a soul that’s been abandoned
By a world too busy to hear

Could You be friend
To a helpless survivor
Can You take away my fears

I heard them all sharing
This new found conviction in them
Are You all that they make You to be

And just one more question
Allow me this question
Could You be Messiah to me
Please be Messiah to me

Now I’ve been looking for someone like You
And I’m so tired, I’m tired
I’ve read every book and I’ve sang every song

My mind maybe right but my heart feels so wrong
Tell me how much further can my life go along
Which way do the roads lead where do I belong…

Are You forgiver
Of my most unknown secrets
Provider of all that I need

Could You be brother
The one who knows better
Would You now stand in the lead

When all this is over all the thunder and lightning
In the daylight just what will I see
The answers to my questions to all of my questions

Could You be Messiah to me (2x)
Could You be Messiah
Please be Messiah to me…

Could You Be Messiah – Gary Valenciano
Shout For Joy – 1991

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